Agile Solutions

Apptotype applies an Agile programming methodology to deliver intuitive solutions quickly. Their home grown software framework, Appto™, offers turn-key solutions for their customers.

Data Integration

We specialize in helping our clients integrate, clean, migrate, and manage data across data sources to produce easily accessible, accurate, and consistent information.

Web Hosting

Apptotype prides itself in providing web hosting with a combination of unmatched reliability and affordability. We'll gladly host any web application that we build, providing our customers with the peace of mind that their applications are supported by people who know them inside and out.


We combine technical expertise, strong business acumen, and project management experience to deliver state of the art and efficient analytical tools and automated solutions that streamline business processes.

Business Process Automation

Apptotype specializes in Business Process Automation (BPA). Our BPA experience will make your business run more efficiently, helping you reduce costs and focus on what matters the most.

Customer Support

With our custom solutions, we tailor each project to suit each customer's needs. We work iteratively with you at every stage of your project to deliver your vision. Upon project completion, we will continue to manage every change you require with the quickest turnaround time.

Apptotype technology arsenal includes:

  • Cloud Services (AWS, Azure, DigitalOcean)
  • Java, Servlets
  • Django, Python
  • Javasript, jQuery, React
  • Relational DBs - Sybase, DB2, MySQL, Oracle, Postgres
  • Embedded DBs - Derby, H2, HyperSql
  • Bootstrap v4+, HTML 5, AJAX, CSS3

Our proprietary Framework, Appto™ was designed with the latest Web Application Development frameworks in mind, while incorporating the latest programming constructs and programming languages. Our Appto™ Framework adapts easily to your business needs and allows our team to quickly deliver on your requests.